How Does Cutting Work?

“Cutting” is the process of engraving music tracks onto a vinyl. A cutting needle creates a groove on the vinyl surface, also known as the “groove,” physically representing the sound of your music.

Track Length and Groove Width:

Think of the groove like a road for your music to travel. If you have a few minutes of music per side, we can afford a wider road, called a “wide groove.”

  • For example, if you have a vinyl with 14 minutes per side, the wide groove can be created so that the music sounds at a comfortable volume, called “normal volume.”

However, if you have more minutes of music, the groove must be narrower, like a thinner road, to fit everything.

  • In this case, we aim for an “optimal volume,” which is like having a narrow road but still spacious enough for all your music to pass through.

Preserving Sound Quality:

It’s crucial to emphasize that, regardless of the groove width or volume, the quality of your music doesn’t significantly vary. Our goal is to ensure your music sounds the best it can on our PVC Dubplate vinyl, always maintaining a high-quality sound.

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