Our Vinyl and Dubplates are made with PVC blanks, the same durable material of pressed vinyls, cut one by one. That is the reason why our product achieves a higher sound level and intensity than most standard records.

The audio file must be high quality, we advise .wav or .aiff files.

If you wish, we can first listen to your audio file free of charge and provide you with feedback on the required improvements.

Our Mastering / re-Mastering is made with a High Quality hybrid chain, reuniting the best of the analog and digital world, conducted by experienced sound engineers with the goal of delivering a fine tuned version of your audio file.

Only with our in-house mastering we guarantee the best quality and the maximum volume on our dubplates.

Upon request, Stem-Mastering and Mix Services are also available.

For sending large audio files (Only .wav, .aiff or .mp3), please send through to this email address: