Experience Unmatched Sound Quality with Our Vinyl and Dubplates

At Berliner Vinyl Werk, we take pride in crafting premium Vinyl and Dubplates using PVC blanks, the same durable material used in pressed vinyl records. Each of our products is meticulously cut one by one, ensuring exceptional quality and superior sound.

Unlock the True Potential of Your Music

Unlike standard records, our Vinyl and Dubplates offer a higher sound level and intensity, elevating your music to new heights of brilliance. To achieve the best results, we recommend providing high-quality audio files in .wav or .aiff format.

Free Audio Evaluation for Your Peace of Mind

Concerned about your audio’s quality? Don’t worry! Take advantage of our complimentary audio evaluation service. Send us your audio file, and our experienced sound engineers will listen carefully and offer valuable feedback for any necessary improvements.

Unleashing the Full Potential with Mastering / Re-Mastering

Our Mastering / Re-Mastering services employ a high-quality hybrid chain, blending the best of analog and digital technologies. Our skilled engineers work diligently to deliver a finely tuned version of your audio, ensuring an exceptional listening experience.

In-House Mastering for Unparalleled Quality

Experience unmatched quality and maximum volume on our dubplates with our exclusive in-house mastering. Your music will resonate with clarity, depth, and warmth, captivating your audience like never before.

Explore Additional Services

Apart from mastering, we also offer Stem-Mastering and Mix Services to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Send Large Audio Files with Ease

For hassle-free delivery of large audio files (in .wav, .aiff, or .mp3 formats), use and send them to

Elevate your music with Berliner Vinyl Werk’s premium Vinyl and Dubplates. Contact us today to discuss your project and take your sound to the next level.