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For sending large audio files (Only .wav, .aiff or .mp3), please send through WeTransfer.com to this email address: berlinervinyl@gmail.com

Due to the current sanitary crisis Berliner Vinylwerk can receive only one guest at a time, preferably upon appointment.

Feel free to contact us by phone/whatsapp at +49 30 678 14 100 or by mail : kontakt@vinyl2go.com

As part of Vinyl2go GmbH, Berliner Vinylwerk operates in Berlin, Germany, under its Federal and Regional Law System.

We are duly authorised to make copies of original tracks composed by the client.

Copyright infringements are a criminal offence and customer engages his/her/its own and sole responsibility in case of violation.

As part of the contract, together with a quote, we ask customers to approve and sign the agreement below:

Link for Agreement :


The final sound outcome depends on the quality of the source you provide : .mp3 files will sound as .mp3, uncompressed files (.wav .aiff) that have been professionally edited will sound fully.

The length of data engraved on the record’s side affects volume : the shorter the louder.  Especially for DJs, we highly recommend to have less than 8 minutes recorded per size on a 12″@33rpm and less than 6.5 minutes on a 12″@45rpm in order to achieve a +6dB outcome and optimum acoustic performance.

Certain frequencies cannot be printed on vinyl and we cannot guarantee quality (or even feasibility) for some tracks provided “as is”.

To obtain good outcomes on vinyls a professionally-made mastering is a must.

For Quality Check we charge €2.50 per minute of audible data analysed and is prerequisite for pre-mastering artworks.

When requested Digital Mastering costs €20/track, Analog Mastering €60/track with our lab.

Cover printing is subcontracted to a typography and delivery schedule is affected.

Cover and label templates come for free and it’s up to you to adequately fill them (with exact measures and high-quality images).

If you need our services for graphic issues we charge €30 regardless of the quantity of records ordered.

Quality Check relates to the feasibility and the final outcome of your project : it is prerequisite if your track has not been professionally edited.

We need to generate a vinyl-optimised preview of your sound : this is not a mastering service but a rendering of the final outcome.

NB: We cannot guarantee feasibility for tracks that come without dedicated mastering or our in-store quality check.

Technically yes, nevertheless the quality of the record will be very low : it will sound as an MP3.

  • we definitely prefer “.wav” and “.aiff” for the cutting service;
  • “.wav” or “.aiff” files should be at 24 or 16 bit, with peaks at -6dB (full scale) for us to provide a suitable mastering service;
  • further options apply to the mixing service (separated channel by separated channel).

“Control” means that we check your file (for free) in order to see if it respects the standards needed to be printed on vinyl, then:

  • If your file respects adequate values we cut the record without additional cost.
  • If your file does not respect standards we must then optimise it (price indicatively ranges €5-€10/track).
  • Some files and certain frequencies cannot be transduced on vinyl.

The  quality of your copy depends upon the quality of your master.

Optimisation will not affect the quality of your file, nevertheless it is needed to properly transduce sound onto a vinyl record.

For more informations please click: “Can you technically illustrate how the record is made?”.


The price range varies from €20 for a 7-inch record (max 5 min./side) up to €50 for a 12-inch “Long Playing” (25 min./side).

For label and cover we charge €1 for a B/W label and standard cover, up to €30 for customised colour covers.

Berliner Vinylwerk is a professional vinyl cut studio : our lab makes your own exclusive record with your music and/or audible data.

Minimum order is one unit.

We also offer an all-round package : from mixing and mastering to cover production, as well as videoclips and photos for artists’ press kit.

Records’ price range is 20-50 € (7″-5min to 12″-25min per side), for label and cover we charge 1.50-30 €.

Berliner Vinylwerk’s team is always eager to consult and provide you with effective solutions.

In addition to our workshop, vinyl and modular synth presentations, we also sell Eurorack Module from IO Instruments.

Our shop in Alt Treptow is a hotspot for vinyl and modular lovers and we re looking forward to welcome you !

COVID19 INFO : Due to current sanitary crisis we can receive only one guest at a time, preferably upon appointment.

Mastering is a crucial step in the process. The sound recorded on vinyl records is definitely not the same than the one for digital releases.

To be suitable for vinyl transduction the mastered track must observe technical standards in order to playback effectively and not distort sound.

First of all adequate mastering has to be performed before the transduction operation : it has to follow standards such as low/high frequency cuts and many more.
Phase correction for frequencies below 300Hz turns into mono. As well, inappropriate mid/high frequency control could limit outcome on wax.
Unlike classic acetates records (made with cutting machines), our lab uses a specifically designed workflow that engraves directly on PVC.
As for pressed records the size length and specific frequencies determine the final outcome of the record.

The shorter the amount engraved the better the acoustic performance is.

In order to obtain a better outcome (+6dB) we highly recommend to have less than 8 minutes per size on a 12″ at 33 rpm, 6.5 minutes at 45 rpm.

Our vinyls are made with PVC blanks, the same material of pressed vinyls. Compared to standard records our product sounds better in most of the cases. Our records are durable as pressed vinyls and can be cut up to +9dB*, achieving a higher sound level and intensity.

* = volume depends on the playing time, so if longer tracks have to be cut on the vinyl the volume has to be lowered and the noise floor will increase.

The source must be at the best quality, we accept .wav or .aiff .
If you are not sure about the quality of your audio material just send it to us!
We will listen it without any charge and obligation and we will feedback to you the required improvements.


Sending you Tracks: you can find the information in your e-mail.

To avoid any unnecessary delays in processing your order please place all your tracks in folders corresponding to your order along with any label artwork. Tracks should be named as to their position on the side and order. eg. A1, A2, B1, B2 etc.

For the sake of quality please upload the highest possible file quality.