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About Us

At Berliner Vinylwerk / Plattenlabor, we are passionate about crafting top-notch Vinyl and Dubplates using only PVC blanks, the same material used for pressed vinyl records. Our products deliver superior audio quality compared to standard records, ensuring a unique listening experience in many cases. We take pride in providing extremely durable music mediums that can handle higher sound levels and intensity, delivering top-tier performance.

Audio Quality Matters

Audio quality is paramount to us. We accept only .wav or .aiff files as they preserve the original sound quality. If you are unsure about the quality of your audio material, feel free to send it to us! We offer a free evaluation with no charge or obligation, and we’ll be glad to provide valuable feedback and suggestions to further enhance your project.

To send us large audio files (only .wav, .aiff, or .mp3 formats), please use and send them to our dedicated email address:

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With Berliner Vinylwerk / Plattenlabor – Your trusted partner for high-quality Vinyl and Dubplates! We are ready to bring your music to life and make it timeless through the magic of our mediums!