About us

Vinyl2go GmbH
Mengerzeile 14,
12435 BerlinFeel free to contact us via
WhatsApp +49 306781410Reach us with:
BUS 171 Mengerzeile.
BUS 194 / 171 Lohmühlenplatz.
BUS 104 / 166 / 171 Harzer Str./Wildenbruchstr.

Have you produced some music? 

Would you like to own a high quality copy on vinyl?

We offer vinyl cutting service (PVC material)
so that you can record your music on vinyl.
We also provide an all-round package from mixing
and mastering to cover production.

Berliner Vinylwerk’s team is always ready
and willing to advise you on any of your requests.

USt-Id: DE309835074
Registergericht Berlin