Terms and Conditions

Updated on 11/23/2022


The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to all business relations with Berlinervinylwerk.de.

The Contract

The order is a binding offer.

The information about work and services, dimensions, weights, prices, etc., given in catalogues, brochures, circulars, advertisements, figures and price lists are clearly described on the e-commerce platform.

Any product request that differs from the online catalog can be made, but it will be considered a customized service and we will have to draw up a budget proposal. 

We reserve the right to reject orders illustrating any offensive, abusive, racist, pornographic, violence-glorifying or -softening, immoral, extremist or infringing content.

Reimbursement will be issued excluding the transaction fees.


Unless stated otherwise in the order confirmation, our prices apply ex works and include the relevant rate of VAT in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The sale implies payment in advance through our e-commerce platform.

After the payment is done, the necessary time for the manufacturing of the product will vary according to the volume ordered by the client. The production will start in the following 7-14 days after the receipt of the compliant audio files (excluding weekends and public holidays).

The client will timely be informed about the necessary production timing.

Therefore, the client is not entitled to a refund asked before the actual start of the production. The refund requests will be carefully analyzed one by one. 

The moment of the online purchase binds the client to the contract. In case of refund, the fees related to bank and payment systems will be deducted.  

Delivery and Dispatch

The delivery of the ordered products will take place when the product is ready.

The client can follow and be informed on the status of his own order on his own personal profile on our website.

When the product is ready to be delivered, the client will receive a tracking code. From this moment on, we are not liable for the timing of the delivery period. We use reliable national and international delivery services, however we do reserve the right to choose the delivery service according to our needs.

Delivery time is free ex works. In case the product must be shipped outside EU territory, it’s possible the customs will apply an import tax. We therefore kindly ask you to get informed on the guidelines applying to your country of import.

In case the records arrive damaged due to transport mishandling, we kindly ask the client to inform us by video and photos within 24 hours. Upon documenting the damage, we will help up obtain a reimbursement of the costs from the delivery company.

Property Rights

The files and their content belong exclusively to the client. In no way or form and under no circumstance Vinyl2Go will distribute the content shared by the client.


Each record will be tested after the manufacturing in order to guarantee the standard quality.

In case the files provided by the customer don’t meet the minimum requirements, we will provide instructions on how to meet the requirements or we will suggest an additional service with an additional cost.

In case the client is not satisfied with the final product, we will analyze the issue very attentively and, if we do find reason for complaint, we will act accordingly and suggest an adequate and satisfactory solution.

We are not liable for the sound quality of the incoming files.


The contract is an agreement is between Berlinervinylwerk.de (“COMPANY”) and the client (“CLIENT”).


  • COMPANY specializes in analog engraving of vinyl records on CLIENT’s demand.
  • CLIENT provides audible DATA to engrave upon specific supports for his/her/its sole interest.

Therefore the parties mutually agree on the following points :

  1. COMPANY is to engrave DATA “as such” and “by the quality” accordingly to the source provided bythe CLIENT him/her/itself, in the format and quantity required by the CLIENT on his/her/its solebehalf, under the terms and conditions agreed in the quotation sheet and in accordance with German Federal and Local Laws.
  2. CLIENT commits to full responsibility for the content of the DATA he/she/it provides including music sheets, lyrics and titles. CLIENT must comply with all and every legal, tax, intellectual-property, customs and duties, ethical, moral and commercial concern of the DATA
  3. he/she/it asks to engrave. By all means CLIENT claims self-responsibility over any kind of behavior,
  4. deviance, censorship, use, distribution and sourcing of the engraved DATA.
  5. CLIENT explicitly agrees to take all benefits and liabilities of his/her/its undertakings on his/her/its own and exclusive behalf.
  6. COMPANY cannot be hold answerable from any misleading declaration provided by the CLIENT under his/her/its sole and own responsibility.
  7. COMPANY engages not to disclose, sell or distribute the CLIENT’s DATA and personal information to any third party unless directly asked by the CLIENT or by competent authorities.
  8. Both parties recognize the exclusive competence of Berlin’s jurisdiction and legal environment.
  9. Parties execute this agreement as of the date of the purchase.


We are responsible for preserving the file only for the duration of the record manufacturing. Upon finishing all production we always erase all the customers files from, also out of compliance with copyrights.

Every file sent by the client will be listened to and analyzed, in order to establish technical compliance. This operation will be executed free of charge.

Legal Jurisdiction

This contract and the legal relationship between the parties to the contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The agreed place of legal jurisdiction and place of performance for all claims and disputes is Berlin.