What About Sound Quality ?

The final sound outcome depends on the quality of the source you provide : .mp3 files will sound as .mp3, uncompressed files (.wav .aiff) that have been professionally edited will sound fully.

The length of data engraved on the record’s side affects volume : the shorter the louder.  Especially for DJs, we highly recommend to have less than 8 minutes recorded per size on a 12″@33rpm and less than 6.5 minutes on a 12″@45rpm in order to achieve a +6dB outcome and optimum acoustic performance.

Certain frequencies cannot be printed on vinyl and we cannot guarantee quality (or even feasibility) for some tracks provided “as is”.

To obtain good outcomes on vinyls a professionally-made mastering is a must.

For Quality Check we charge €2.50 per minute of audible data analysed and is prerequisite for pre-mastering artworks.

When requested Digital Mastering costs €20/track, Analog Mastering €60/track with our lab.

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