Can you technically illustrate how the record is made?

First of all a proper master must be performed for the transfer operation, it has to follow all the standards such as low/high frequency cuts.
Phase correction at low frequencies where from 300hz down everything becomes mono, and related mid / high frequency controls that could limit a good performance on wax.
Unlike the classic acetates made with the cutting machines, the system we use has been specially designed and built with a diamond with certain features that “write” on a virgin vinyl with a quality that has nothing to envy to the classic disc produced through the cut, galvanic and printing process.
The rules of this type of incision process are the same as a regular vinyl where duration and frequencies reproduced by the track determine the final volume of the record. In those cases where you have a single track of six seven minutes, the sound performance is really high with analogue volume even of + 6 / + 9 db.