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Birdsmakingmachine ‎– Birdsmakingmachine 006


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Over a year since their last release, birdsmakingmachine come back hitting hard with a diverse three-track EP ranging from deep to minimal house. The title track Deaf Crows’ intelligently layers delayed snares and elaborate hihats into subtle analogue pads and melodies, resulting in a sophisticated, yet dj-friendly composition. At over 10min long, it’s an endless rotation of industrial rawness that manages to melt into the smooth and rich textures for which the birds are known. Black Midget’, on the flip, goes into darker depths, with an almost broken 4/4 beat underlying overly swinging rhythmic arrangements and hypnotic synth lines that reminisce some of the earlier BMM material. Finishing off the record is the simply titled Primos’, offering a more minimalistic approach with its intricate arrangement of quirky arpeggiating melodies and playfully juggling hihats, closing off the EP in the neatest birdsmakingmachine fashion.


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