VINYL / Schallplatten / Dubplates
Have you produced some music?
Would you like to own a high quality copy on vinyl?

Mastering is a crucial step in the process.The sound recorded on a vinyl record is definitely not the same that is used and mastered for digital store. As mentioned before, to be suitable for printing The master must observe a long series of technical precautions in order not to create problems during playback. The risk is to stop recording or, in the worst case, to damage the diamond which is very delicate.

First of all a proper master must be performed for the transfer operation, it has to follow all the standards such as low/high frequency cuts.
Phase correction at low frequencies where from 300hz down everything becomes mono, and related mid / high frequency controls that could limit a good performance on wax.
Unlike the classic acetates made with the cutting machines, the system we use has been specially designed and built with a diamond with certain features that “write” on a virgin vinyl with a quality that has nothing to envy to the classic disc produced through the cut, galvanic and printing process.
The rules of this type of incision process are the same as a regular vinyl where duration and frequencies reproduced by the track determine the final volume of the record. In those cases where you have a single track of six seven minutes, the sound performance is really high with analogue volume even of + 6 / + 9 db.

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Our vinyls are made with PVC blanks, the same material of pressed vinyls. Compared to standard records our product sounds better in most of the cases. Our records are durable as pressed vinyls and can be cut up to +9dB*, achieving a higher sound level and intensity.

* = volume depends on the playing time, so if longer tracks have to be cut on the vinyl the volume has to be lowered and the noise floor will increase.

The source must be at the best quality, we accept .wav or .aiff .
If you are not sure about the quality of your audio material just send it to us!
We will listen it without any charge and obligation and we will feedback to you the required improvements.


Sending you Tracks: you can find the information in your e-mail.

To avoid any unnecessary delays in processing your order please place all your tracks in folders corresponding to your order along with any label artwork. Tracks should be named as to their position on the side and order. eg. A1, A2, B1, B2 etc.

For the sake of quality please upload the highest possible file quality.